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Moving Checklist & Tips: Relocation Guide for Your Texas Move

Obtain medical records

Don't forget to get official copies of your medical records including your dentist, veterinarian and vaccine/immunization information. In some cases, a notarized letter is required to receive the official documentation.

Obtain school records

School records are usually required when registering your child at a new school. Often, copies will not be sufficient and records with a raised seal will be necessary.

Transfer utilities

When you turn on your utilities (electricity, gas, phone, water, etc.) at your new home, don't forget to turn them off at your old home.

Forward mail

Don't forget to forward your mail a few days before your Texas move by completing a US Postal Service Change of Address form.

Update driver's license

Update your driver's license with your new address quickly so that you have identification that lists your new home. If it is time to renew your license, Texas Department of Public Safety allows you to update your address online.

Make replacement list

When you start packing up in your old house, keep a list of items you want to replace when you move to your new residence, such as shelf paper or shower curtains.

Transfer newspaper

Make sure you transfer your newspaper subscriptions to your new address so you don't miss a day's news. If you are moving to a new city, cancel your old subscription and sign up with the new local paper to help get yourself acclimated to the new area.

Create a floor plan

Think about where you'll want to place furniture, art work, appliances, etc. Another important moving tip: Don't forget to consider furniture dimensions as well as the location of electrical sockets and phone jacks.


- Full Service

- Wrapping & Packing

- Furniture: Disassemble/Reassemble

- Appliances: Disconnect/Reconnect

- Pianos - Upright/Grand

- China and Antiques

- Pool Tables

Offices/Restaurants/Retail Stores

- Office Cubicles and Desks

- Printers, Machines

- Restaurant Equipment

- Booths, Tables, Chairs

- Walk-In Freezers

- Merchandisers/Shelving Units

- Large Conference Tables

- Safes

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